stramien-website-vierkant-dog-ordIn the last months you may have ordered Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) dry for dogs with new recipe. Unfortunately we have to inform you that shortly Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) will be delivered again with the original composition.

The reason for this is that in Europe the needed ingredients are currently no longer available. As a result the product has to be manufactured again in South Africa. We inform you already in order that you have the opportunity to let their dog get used to the product little by little. Check หนังโป๊.cc xvideo com.

In brief the functional changes are:

Current recipe

Original recipe

Animal protein source

Ostrich, hydrolysed poultry liver

Ostrich, hydrolysed poultry liver

Vegetable protein / carbohydrate source

pea protein isolate, potato

Rice, corn


Chicken fat, fish oil

Ostrichfat, rapeseed oil

All packages, including the samples with the product with the original recipe, will have stickers to draw every ones attention of the coming changes.

We apologize for the inconvenience but hope you understand our decision.

We trust to have you informed sufficiently, but in case of any further questions, feel free to contact your local distributor or veterinarian.


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